This website is dedicated to collect a money judgement against debtor;

Charles (Chuck) David Rodrick (Gilson). 

* As of Dec 2018 Mr. Rodrick has changed his name to Charles David Broderick via the court system in Flagstaff Arizona.

As of 01.07.2019 the value of this judgment is $1.62M dollars and growing at the rate of $138.29 / day.

This referenced money judgment is from Maricopa County Superior Court; CV2013-003800.

As of 07.01.2016 a new money judgment was levied against Rodrick for $325,000.

This referenced money judgment is from United States District Court of Arizona; 2:13-cv-01300-SRB.

I am seeking any and all information regarding assets of any type, in any state of value to collect on this judgement.

Information concerning Bank Accounts, Vehicles, Real Property, known Fraudulent Conveyance to other persons of items of value, Jewelry, Title in Vehicles, Boats, Recreational Assets, ect.. Is needed.

A contract can be entered into for information and a percentage of the collected amount can be agreed too.

Send a letter in confidence to:

David Ellis

11024 Nth 28th Dr. Ste 200, Phoenix, AZ 85029 with your contact information and a brief description of what you would report.  Your identity and information will be kept in confidence.  No email or phone calls please.